What I learned from a day with the “youth vote”


1. Contrary to the popular line being espoused by journalists and pundits who are definitely not youthful, the students I talked to today got their information about the election from network news and the newspaper.  One mentioned cnn.com as a source but none of them said they got information from social networking sites like Facebook.  In fact, out of all the people in my group, I think I was the only with a Facebook account.  That tears it.  Facebook is officially lame.  By the way, my sample size… 5 boys ages 14, 16, 17, 18 and 18.

2. They don’t see a lot of television commercials.  Apparently these guys don’t watch nearly as much television as I do.  Television, also officially lame.

3. I put the question to the group – which candidate do you think is more “likeable” not which candidate do you like but which candidate do you think is considered “likeable” by most people.  Answer – Obama.

4. Local elected officials still have a lot of work to do to reach this age group.

Special thanks to my group.  You guys were great.  Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday  – or when you eventually turn 18.

Be sure to check out this blog on April 23rd for the results (and voter turnout) of today’s mock election.


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