Welcoming the next generation of leaders to WHYY today!


That’s right, for the better part of the day, WHYY will be the site of the VOTE DEMOCRACY! youth forum.

High school students from throughout the Greater Philadelphia region will be joining yours truly and several other special guests to learn as much as they can about voting, elections, politics, the press and their elected officials. In the process, we hope to learn more about how younger voters are approaching voting and this election, how they get their information and what issues they think are important.

We’re welcoming special guests Ursula Rucker, a spoken-word performer and poet; State Representative Tony Payton, the youngest member of the Pennsylvania General Assembly; and State Representative Babette Josephs, who has introduced a bill to lower the voting age in the primary to 17 for anyone who will be 18 before the general election.

The bulk of the day will be centered around the breakout sessions where students will break into smaller groups to explore a variety of topics, bringing relevancy to the political process and their assertion of their own voices. At the end of the day, each breakout session will present its work to the general group. The breakout sessions will consist of:

Media and Voting – Scribe Video Center and WHYY
The media is the most influential information source for our political process. Is it fair? Is it responsible? WHYY’s political correspondent will be joined by students from Scribe Video Center’s WHY VOTE? Workshop to explore these ideas.

Mock Congress – Hip-Hop Political Convention
Students will identify issues of importance to them and debate the argument.

What You Can Do – Black Youth Vote
If you aren’t of age to vote, how can you effectively bring positive change to your community? Learn how to become active community members and active citizens.

Why Vote? Why Care? – WHYY (presented by your friendly neighborhood Y-Decide 2008 blogger!)
Look at both national and local political races and determine if your vote really does matter and can change occur through the electoral process?

The Exchange – National Constitution Center
What issues are important to Philadelphia students? The results of the conversation will be incorporated into a national document to be presented to the presidential candidates.

1st Amendment – National Student Voices
Are there or should there be limits to the extent that students can express themselves? Examine and discuss national court cases that are setting the precedent to your rights.

The day will conclude with a final session, giving the students a platform to discuss the day. Additional features to this exciting day will be tours of the WHYY studios and a mock election. The results of the mock election will made known on this blog the morning after the April 22nd Primary.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day.  And, if you’re a participant in the day’s events, feel free to chime in on this blog!


2 Responses to “Welcoming the next generation of leaders to WHYY today!”

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