The circus is town


Using my trusty Panasonic DMC-FX30, I stepped outside to get some shots of the scenery around the National Constitution Center – site of tonight’s Democratic presidential debate.

The NCC is directly across the street from the offices of WHYY and if I prairie-dog-it from my cubicle, I can see the whole media circus train lined up in front of me.

One car in the train jumped out at me:

A long way to travel for a local affiliate.

There were other vans from smaller stations in Pennsylvania and from Pittsburgh but I wonder why a local affiliate in Syracuse would send such a rig. Maybe it’s there to support the ABC network’s production of the event.

This circus has everything, including stunt men on strange cycles…

That\'s a good segway

…colorful posters.

The woman married to the man from Hope vs. some guy named Hope

Here’s a sign that I don’t think Joey Vento would be too happy with:

Hillary para Presidente

So welcome to the circus everybody!

Welcome to the circus!

Will you be watching?


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