Clinton’s plan for technology advancement and research


Philebrity’s Technologicology feature continues its deconstructions of the candidates’ plans for investing in technology with Hillary Clinton.  Once again displaying the same irreverent and perceptive tone that he used to break down Barack Obama’s ideas, Brian James Kirk fills the void left by the candidates’ refusal to kneel at Ben Franklin’s throne for a debate on science.

Where does Kirk come down on the Obama-Clinton decision after examining both of their approaches to technology:

This ain’t about yesterday, people. It’s about the future. And Hillary’s scope is broader and more interpretive then Obama’s. While Barack has got the right voice going for the youth, Hillary is speaking to everyone. Let’s be serious, your parents have no idea how a wiki actually works. And registering to leave comments in a forum? C’mon. Hillary is talking about innovating from the ground up, pouring cash, love, and affection into education that will lead us into the 25th century. Yeah, she’s 300-years-ahead good.

If technology is your issue, this may help you figure out your vote.  Check out the whole piece.


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