Obama story shows some possible future directions for journalism and the media


A very interesting piece of the column which I just wrote about comes deep into it when the editor of the “Off the Bus” project – the Huffington Post’s stab at citizen journalism – talks about way Ms. Fowler (and admittedly, most “citizen journalists”) would differ from the MSM (mainstream media):

Mr. Cooper, the editorial director, describes her style this way: “She employs a highly-personalized, reflective narrative style to her unconventional reporting — an approach that would be, indeed, non-grata, within the official campaign reporting bubble. It violates almost all of the conventions of traditional reporting (though not its ethical code) and that’s what makes it all so damn interesting.”

He added: “I, personally, would have written her piece much differently than the way she chose. It would have been less about me and more about Obama. But Mayhill has developed quite a loyal and appreciative audience and with her most recent work demonstrates that citizen journalism can do many, many things still inaccessible to the M.S.M.”

In this case, one of those “things” was report on an event that is traditionally closed to press, thereby making it easier for candidates to speak a little more freely.  Though, as was pointed out, Obama knew there were tons of video cameras and audio recorders trained on him so he had to know that anything he said was liable to end up on the front page of the New York Times – which it did.


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