An “avail” to no avail


New York Times’s Katharine Q. Seelye wrote an interesting column about the job of a “pool reporter” following one of the presidential campaigns. Apparently she happened to be one of the few journalists swimming in the pool when Senator Clinton first heard a story she would later use on the stump about a pregnant woman who was refused medical care for want of a hundred bucks.

Of course, that story, whose original teller apparently didn’t have all the facts – has come to be quite a bugaboo for Senator Clinton’s fact checker.

While I could care less about whether Clinton misspoke, misheard or misconstrued the story in question, I do want to point out this little tidbit about the behavior of the pool reporters and the larger group of traveling press:

That town hall was memorable because a few women broke down telling Mrs. Clinton their hard-luck stories.. She then held an “avail,” or a news conference, where most questions were about her having raised an unexpected $35 million the month before.

If those journalists are going to find it more important to ask about Clinton fund raising totals rather than get more information about what she may have actually learned by spending a day with some folks who are really struggling (60″ flat screen notwithstanding) and her solution for those struggles, then I think I can ask: why should I care about how much she raised?


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