Politico asks: “Will Dem nominee affect youth vote?”


Once again, a media outlet uses the “youth vote” as just another piece of strategy in  the “elections-as-sporting-events” coverage.  This story continues to hammer home the theme that Obama excites the under-30 vote and beats McCain in the fall among this age group by a larger margin than Clinton beats McCain.

Factor in that the overall turnout of the under-30 vote (which I, unfortunately, ceased to be a part of shortly before the 2006 elections) would probably be higher in an Obama-McCain match up and that bodes well for the participation of young people if Obama is the nominee.

I’d love for some actual under-30 voters to chime in with anecdotal evidence to the contrary.  Anyone under the age of 30, please chime in with your preferences in the Obama-McCain match up and the Clinton-McCain match up.


One Response to “Politico asks: “Will Dem nominee affect youth vote?””

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