Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes about… gasp… an issue!


Pat on the back for the Pittsburgh P-G for this piece about how the environment (you know, that place where we eat and breath among other things) isn’t a big player on the campaign trail:

But somewhere along the campaign trail, as mortgage, credit and stock market woes stole newscasts and front pages, the “e” word morphed from the environment to the economy.

“When the word environment comes out of the candidates’ mouths, job creation has to follow,” said pollster Terry Madonna, director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College. “They’re talking about new technology that will help the environment and create jobs. You won’t get pure environmental programs coming out of the candidates in Pennsylvania.

“When we get into a shaky economy, as we are now, candidates are very careful when they mention the environment. It’s all pocketbook issues now and they’ve pushed the environment into the background.”

Hey, regardless of whether the candidates only talk about the environment in the context of creating jobs, at least they’re talking about it. And the fact is, taking steps to reduce our impact on the environment – on a local, national and global scale – will take plenty of public and private investment. That money has to go somewhere, most likely to the folks who are going to have to do build the infrastructure and do the research.

If they have to make it easier to be green by referring to appealing to fans of greenbacks as well as greenistas, then so be it.

If the environment is one of your big issues, this article does a nice job parsing the subtle differences between Clinton and Obama.  Judging from this, while it’s close, it looks like Clinton may be your candidate.


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