Yes there are other elections going on in Pennsylvania


And one of them is the contentious race to succeed Vince Fumo as the state senator for the first senatorial district of Pennsylvania. It’s a far reaching district that stretches through large parts of Philadelphia including South Philadelphia, Center City, Fairmount, the north Delaware (“river wards”), etc.

You can listen live now by going to Just click on this link for a bunch of options to listen live on the internet or tune into 90.9 FM right now.

There will be a podcast of the debate later on if you missed anything. Check this post later on for details about that.

UPDATE: As promised, here is a link to the podcast of yesterday’s radio debate. Unfortunately Mr. Dougherty had to leave after a half hour but the lively discussion between the other two candidates carried on.

Feel free to comment about what you hear.


One Response to “Yes there are other elections going on in Pennsylvania”

  1. Dan Pohlig Says:

    Gotta give credit to Dougherty… he’s got what a lot of other candidates don’t have… message discipline.

    No matter what he’s asked, he pivots it back to what he thinks are his strong points: experience as a “successful” labor leader.

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