We swear, this isn’t media being hard on Hillary Clinton


Okay, we get it. Media has gotten so big that half the presidential coverage is covering the coverage of the presidential coverage. …Whoa. I think the universe turned in on itself somewhere.

The point is, whether it was Hillary thinking it very “curious” that she always got the first question during debates – a sign of unfair treatment – to Tina Fey throwing her comedic celebrity status behind Hillary on the heels of that treatment, and all the attention on Barack being lampooned on SNL, it seems we increasingly find new ways to listen to anything remotely substantative.

Granted I am doing the same damn thing, so I’ll make note of the news coming from the Washington Post very early this morning that Hillary’s top political strategist Mark J. Penn is leaving the campaign, the second big shake-up after recent polls came out that Ms. Clinton is failing to adequately tread water against a strengthening Barack Obama.

Penn had been a polarizing figure within the Clinton campaign for months because of his personality as well as his strategic vision, but his departure came as a result of another continuing controversy — the conflicts of interest that resulted from his representing major clients as president of Burson-Marsteller, the giant public relations firm, while working for Clinton.


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