And 2 percent think this is the last generation before the world ends…


The Caucus, political blog of the New York Times, refers to Oboptimists, or those who, in a recent poll, claim to prefer Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton and think that the next generation is going to live better than people live today by a 50-23 margin.

That’s contrasted with Clinton supporters who are roughly evenly divided on the question of whether the next generation will live better, the same, or worse than today (35-31-30).

Only about a third of the population as a whole happens to think that the next generation will have higher living standards than today.

This would seem easy to explain given all of the statistical and anecdotal evidence that a large portion of Obama’s support comes from the very younger generation who will be experiencing those living standards tomorrow.  If you’re 18-24, it would be pretty depressing to think that this is as good as it gets and that your life in your 30s and 40s is going to look like the world of Mad Max.

We hear a lot about peak oil these days.  Is it possible that we may also be experiencing “peak living standards” and could the two be related?  Some say yesOthers are more “oboptimistic.”


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