Would you vote for Joe Free-Money Smith?


Via the Onion AV club comes a story that they assure us is not an April Fool’s Day prank.

Apparently, according to the Associated Press, some dern fool candidate in Idaho has done gone and legally named hisself “Pro-Life” so that his full name as it appears on the ballot will be Marvin Pro-Life Richardson (correction, I read the story a little more carefully.  The name that appears on the ballot will just be “Pro Life.”)

Mr. Richardson, I mean, Mr. Pro-Life is looking to succeed Senator Larry “Wide-Stance” Craig (whose nickname did not appear on the ballot) and is trying to capitalize on the fervent socially-conservative attitude in the (Potato?) state.

Obviously, such a name would probably not lead to electoral success here in Philadelphia. Anyone care to suggest a new name that might?


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