The birth of a position on the war


Working at an NPR station for the past few years has given me a special appreciation for a medium that many (including The Buggles) thought was slowly dying just a few years ago.

Now that the internet is threatening to kill the video (or at least television) star, radio seems ready to embrace the web as a way to distribute (at least in NPR’s case) what continues to be a solid product – and now with pictures!

Case in point: check out this nice piece of radio reporting by veteran NPR reporter Don Gonyea about the birth of Barack Obama’s official position on the Iraq war.

Gonyea talks to a number of folks who were in the crowd on October 2, 2002 when a little known state senator from Chicago gave an anti-war speech at a rally featuring the Rev. Jesse Jackson.   Opinions vary on the effect that Obama had on the crowd during that speech and Gonyea gets a sample of all of them.

Give it a listen.  The story also includes an “interactive timeline” of each of the candidates’ positions on the war.


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