From “You Decide” to “You Report” – the rise of the “semi-pro journalism”


Mark Glaser of the PBS blog MediaShift (c’mon, give PBS a chance), had an interesting piece a little while back about some attempts by major news outlets to involve the public in reporting on the election.

These efforts (, The Huffington Post’s “Off the Bus” and MTV’s Street Team ’08) are among dozens being tried by news organizations or independent journalists and have experienced varying levels of success.

These amateur reporters receive different levels of training depending on the project and use everything from high end video cameras to cell phones to capture video. In fact this video is a compilation of a Steet Team effort to stream live video reports from Tennessee during Super Tuesday via cell phone video:

Vodpod videos no longer available. from

As the demand for internet video and reporting among the fragmented audience grows, someone will have to step in to fill the supply.  While not everyone will go on to be the next Wolf Blitzer (and really, who would want to?) a ton of engaged citizens will revolutionize the way that the news – national and local news – is reported.

So keep your cell phone handy, you never know when video you shoot is going to become the turning point of a campaign or break a huge story.


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