Get to know your challenger


Since we’re briefly on the subject of campaign commercials.  Here’s a good one from those parts of Pennsylvania that can actually see the Aurora Borealis from their backyards.

Mr. Cahir is a Democrat running for Congress in the 5th District of PA, a district that touches parts of 17 different counties and seems to  be about as big as Connecticut:

I’ll be glad to share the identities of Mr. Cahir’s primary opponents when they make ridiculous ads like this one.  Wikipedia generously describes the 5th as “Republican leaning” which is to say voter registration cards are often located next to NRA membership cards in the wallets and purses of the voters.  Longtime representative John Peterson (R) has decided to retire opening up floodgates that spilled lower level GOP officials seeking a sweet, nearly unbeatable seat in Congress.  Nine Republican candidates are vying for the chance to pummel one of the three Democratic candidates in the general election.  For more info, you can follow the Centre Daily Times continuing coverage.

For my part, I’m just going to subscribe to Mr. Cahir’s Youtube channel.  Please let this become a battle of ridiculous viral videos!

(video via Philadelphia Will Do)


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