Somebody needs to go back to Economics 101


Or, as it was called when I took it, Ec 10.

Senator Hillary Clinton paid a visit to the Daily News Editorial board yesterday and took questions for about an hour.  Will Bunch, proprietor of the Attytood blog, has various accounts of the meeting including his questions about the 1996 Clinton-Sinbad comedy tour in Bosniaher possibly misguided choice of Alan Greenspan to dig us out of an economic hole that many blame him for getting us into (what’s he going to do? Dig up?), and her latest claim that even the so-called “pledged” delegates that Senator Obama has won so far are essentially up for grabs at the convention.

One quote from Bunch’s reports is getting some particular buzz around the internet and is being compared to John McCain’s claim that he doesn’t know a lot about economics:

So the Daily News asked, why Greenspan, that wasn’t he off-base on the housing bubble, and here was her response:

“Not only that, but the Fed didn’t act while he was there. But he has a calming influence still to this day on Wall Street — don’t ask me why because I never understand what he’s saying — but nevertheless people respond to that Delphic oracle approach.

So any chance Professor Obama will be pushing for a debate – or possibly an exam – on economics?


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