A little off topic – fake news journalism (aka The Daily Show)


In this interview of fake newsman John Oliver of the Daily Show, Westword’s Michael Roberts asks the question that all of us aspiring fake newsmen are dying to know: do the interviewees know what’s coming?


No! No! Absolutely not. I try and spend as little time with the person before as possible, so you just walk in and start the interview. It’s an interesting process, those interviews. They are usually as tense as they look. I do a series of interviews with U.N. ambassadors, and they were incredible. They’d literally never been spoken like this before. You only have about forty minutes to do those, because they’re busy people and they have better things to do with their day than being insulted by someone they’ve never heard of. But they stick it out. They sit there.

WW: What percentage of people you interview seem to know what they’re in for?

JO: Well, they know what the show is – politicians in particular. But there’s that in-built arrogance where they think, “They won’t get me… They might have done that to other people, but not me. I can get around them.” And the truth is, that’s very rarely the case, because we’ve usually thought a lot more about the interview than they have. That kind of arrogance is usually the pride that comes before the fall.

It’s a great interview and well worth the read. Give it a look.

(via Romensko)


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