Reviewing the Obama performance


Seconds after Senator Obama finished his speech, the spin cycle went into full effect. On MSNBC the first words out of the host’s mouth were “sweeping” and “historic.” And so it goes…

Will Bunch at Attytood, the blog of the Philadelphia Daily News says:

Make no mistake, Barack Obama inaugurated a brand-new campaign today.

Dick Polman, national political columnist at the Inquirer abso-smurfly loved the speech:

Barack Obama delivered a remarkable speech this morning in Philadelphia, directly tackling the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy with daring arguments and nuanced historical context rarely heard on the American campaign stump.

And rounding out some of the locally-connect reaction, we have Dan U-A at Young Philly Politics, who is a strong Obama supporter:

Obama could have gone another way here, because there is almost a 100 percent chance that he will be the Democratic nominee anyway. But he didn’t. From our own City, he challenged our Country to face the legacies of race and inequality.

Today, Barack Obama became a President in my mind, and I am excited to click his name in four weeks.

As for me, right now I’m just glad that the 3 grand I paid for Lasik surgery seems to have been worth it since my eagle eyes apparently did spot electricians union leader and state senate candidate John Dougherty from 300 feet away through two windows.


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