Obama in the house… across the street



Well, the Obama express is in town. From my perch above 6th Street and across from the National Constitution Center, I can see the media circus lined up along the building. Satellite trucks from every local news station here in Philadelphia and CNN (pictured behind the tree and next to the CBS 3 truck) have been camped out since early this morning. Obama’s speech is scheduled for about 12 minutes from now. CNN’s talking head just explained how it’s no surprise that Obama chose Philadelphia, “the birthplace of the Constitution” as the site for this momentous speech on race and politics.


The picture at the left is a shot of Obama’s motorcade as it pulled up to the side door of the NCC. Obama hopped out of the back of one of the SUVs, waved to a small, cheering crowd, signed an autograph for “autograph lady” (the woman who hangs out in front of ‘HYY and gets the autograph of every famous person who stops by to be on Radio Times) and then went through the doors and off to his speech.

He wasn’t traveling with a particularly large entourage. He didn’t spend much time outside. He had the look of someone who is here to do a job.

Other observations:

A large crowd of be-suited people were gathered on the second floor of the NCC at the windows facing WHYY. I could be wrong but I could have sworn that I saw self-proclaimed “reform” candidate for Pennsylvania’s 1st State Senatorial District, John Dougherty, among the crowd. Again, that observation was made from all the way across 6th Street but the guy is pretty easy to pick out.

Obama’s speech should start any minute now so I’m going to sign off. Feel free to give reactions to the speech in the comments section.


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