Blogging from above the Obama scene


obama_crowd.jpg A crowd that started out at about 10 or 15 folks has grown to over 100 as everyone waits for Senator Obama to emerge from the side entrance (on 6th Street) of the National Constitution Center. The media circus is also in full effect with local news crews working the crowd for “person on the street” interviews and reactions.

It remains to be seen whether Obama will take the time to work the crowd or just hop into his dark grey SUVs and speed off to his next appointment. With all of the cameras in place, it would seem smart for Obama to take advantage and get pictures of himself working this multi-ethnic, all-ages crowd – several of whom are WHYY employees!


One Response to “Blogging from above the Obama scene”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Ace in the hole. This speech should go in the history books. This candidacy should (and will) go in the history books. This was one of the most “presidential” speeches I have ever heard a candidate give in my life, if not THE most. It challenges every American to be better, from top-down and bottom-up. He didn’t dance around issues as most politicians and people in the public light do. If you didn’t feel challenged to be a better American after listening to this speech, you were not paying attention.

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