The campaign train lays some track in Philly


A quick look at Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania and it’s role in today’s Presidential campaign news:Today’s Daily News reports on a split among the influential black clergy groups in Philadelphia. But, as is always the case, such a split often is among the leadership of the larger umbrella groups.  According to many of the commentators in this story, Obama can count on support of the individual ministers who will be using their Sunday sermons to fire up the crowds to go out and vote.  You might ask, what about separation of church and state and the tax-exempt status enjoyed by these ostensibly religious organizations?  It’s a question that’s often asked about evangelical Christian megachurches that generally support Republican candidates.  Well, that’s a story for a different article, apparently.

Speaking of the Daily News, their presidential campaign correspondent, Will Bunch, put together his own Top Ten List of Pennsylvania political moments.  Two of the ten (and two of the honorable mentions) take place within the lifetime of your typical 18-24 year old voter so this reads more as a history lesson (as any article referencing the election of 1800 should) with the fun twist of a cheesesteak reference.   Apparently, the election of 1800 swung on Thomas Jefferson’s successful ingestion of Philadelphia signature dish – hot pepperpot soup with tripe, while rival John Adams’ Boston sensibilities caused him to turn it down.  Please read the article so you can realize that I made that up.

USA Today’s blog entered the long line of publications who are playing up the fact that Mayor Nutter is black and, my goodness, not automatically endorsing the black candidate.  This article, unlike the one I wrote about yesterday, spends a good deal of time harping on the fact that Nutter’s choice of Clinton is probably just political payback for Obama’s endorsement of Nutter’s mayoral rival, Chaka Fattah, early on in the mayoral primary.  It’s an easy story line for any outsider to grab on to but I’ve always been willing to give Nutter the benefit of the doubt on why he made his decision.  Of all the reasons Nutter may have for endorsing Clinton, payback against Obama isn’t one of them.

CNN was also in town as part of the gravy train following the candidates and has a video report of the Democratic City Committee’s meeting from last Friday.   The story is the same one that was told by the local media shortly after President Clinton’s visit last week.  But hey, if CNN wants to send a reporter, a producer and a camera person to sleep in Philadelphia hotels and eat at Philadelphia restaurants while cutting together video using local news footage, I say viva les touristes!

Speaking of Top Ten Lists, here’s another one by someone who has no idea about Pennsylvania.  From the Huffington Post, Rod McCollum writes 10 things that Obama can do to win Pennsylvania… only two of which have anything to do with Pennsylvania.  Here’s an example of one that no one in Pennsylvania would even care about:

4. Please Return Lynn Sweet’s Phone Calls. Put Rezko behind the campaign and (finally) grant an interview with the Sun-Times reporter. ‘Nuff said.  

I can almost guarantee that no one in Pennsylvania (Poconos or otherwise) cares about Obama’s tenuous connection to some less-than-savory Chicago character or Obama’s hesitance to give an interview to some Chicago newspaper reporter.

But wait… there’s still a Republican in this race and he has a primary in Pennsylvania too. writes about John McCain’s “big test,” which apparently isn’t his battle for Keystone State supremacy.  College students, remember Econ 101?  It’s not clear that McCain does either.  


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