Florida, seriously?



In what some think might be a ploy to someday push for secession from the United States, Florida continues to piss off the entire country.

As the Democratic presidential primary lingers and Hillary stays viable, if stubborn, Howard Dean and other DNC leaders are looking for some way to decide a winner soon.

So, they’ve returned to Michigan and the Sunshine State.

Those two states held their primaries earlier than party rules allowed, so the DNC barred those state decisions from the totals. While neither Barack nor Hillary campaigned in their state, as per a part agreement, Clinton won both states, though she was the only big name on the Michigan ballot.

The party is looking to recasting the vote through mail.

Party leaders declined to comment on the similarities between this scenario and when the babysitter sends a troublemaking child to bed but lets him come downstairs and have a cookie when she gets scared later in the night.


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