Clinton-Obama as a replay of the 2007 National League East Division


Yeah, yeah. Super Tuesday II. It’s all over the news. This is the one that will decide the Democratic nomination, unless, that is, if Senator Clinton wins either Texas or Ohio. In that case, we’ll get, as Gawker says, “seven more weeks of campaigning” as a result of this political Groundhog’s Day.

I’m a late convert to political junkie-hood. Up until about 2003 the closest I came to paying attention to politics for an extended period of time was 1992 when I agreed to be Bill Clinton in a mock presidential debate in high school. I then happened to be in college during one of the least volatile, most comfortable, economically vibrant times in this nation’s modern history. Most college students and recent graduates don’t pay attention to current events anyway and with no Cold War, recession, or nationwide violent crime wave to draw me to the headlines, I was no exception.

All of the hoopla over Monica Lewinsky and Ken Starr seemed to be interesting only to those who were already into politics. Without that outside influence to drive me to politics, I just couldn’t get interested – and that’s coming from a Government concentrator (trans: major).

And so it remained. I stayed in academia for 5 years after college and little to do with politics until, itching for a change in my life, I was lucky enough to get involved with a political campaign.

Talk about going from zero to 60.

I’ve been a voracious reader of news and blogs, watcher of political on-line video, appreciator of the Daily Show and professional political reporter and commentator (in that I get paid) ever since.

I say all this because frankly even I am ready to move on from this Democratic primary fight and get to the general. As Marge Simpson once said, “like all Americans [I want the job done] fast.” I would even sacrifice what could be a fascinating seven weeks on the Pennsylvania political landscape .

Of course, the only scenario by which this will happen is another Obama sweep of today’s contests and a decision by Clinton to give it up. Consider what it means if Clinton is able to pull out the win. While the Clinton camp and the legions of well-connected Democratic insiders supporting her will paint this as the greatest comeback in political history, the rest of the nation, including the new registrants and young voters who have drunk the Obama Kool-Aid will see it as a momentous collapse on the part of their guy and possibly a indictment of the party and the whole electoral system. Picture the Phillies and Mets in 2007. About a million Phillies fans saw the fantastic comeback. A hundred million baseball fans saw the Mets momentous collapse.

Buh-bye young voters. See you when your dwindling Medicare and Social Security benefits are driving you to the polls again.

In such a case, those who don’t tune out will be looking for the candidate who has gotten to fly under the radar since locking up his party’s the nomination – the reborn independent maverick John McCain. He may even attract some young voters if he can reposition his age into that kind of Clint Eastwood/Jack Nicholson old-guy cool. If he can pull that off, he may just allow the Democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory yet again.

Clinton, like the Phillies, will have worked so hard to get to the playoffs only to tank and be swept out.

So we’ll see. Is today going to be Clinton’s version of 8-30-07 or will Obama drive a stake into this race and finish it off once and for all?

Will Bunch over at Attytood plans on live blogging throughout the night as results of “Fairly Super Tuesday” become available. Feel free to give your own predictions on this thread. How do you see this playing out?


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