Another week, another primary, another chance to name it


Today is the Potomac/Chesapeake/Beltway/Crab Cake Primary in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.

Check out WHYY’s interactive Primary Election map throughout the day for stories from NPR and the local NPR affiliates in each of those states/principality (ok, ok, district).  Results will be coming in fast and furiously soon after the polls close.

In fact, NPR has three stories about these primaries that are worth a listen.  They ask what’s at stake in the Potomac primaries?  Virginia Democrats are loving their role in the is primary and are especially excited for a chance to help carry the commonwealth (which hasn’t gone Democrat since 1964) in the fall.  And in DC, as Stephen Colbert’s interviews with Representative Eleanor Holmes-Norton have shown, one of the most important issues is the right to vote.

Could this be the chance for Barack Obama to take a slim lead in this fickle delegate count?  Will religious conservatives in Virginia rally behind Huckabee or have they come around on McCain?

Anyone care to make a prediction on either side’s races?


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