That’s it for me folks. California is in the books


Just saw ABC News call California for Clinton on the Democratic side and McCain on the Republican side.

Amazingly, Missouri is still up the air for both parties. I never anticipated California being over and done with before Missouri. (Update: Of course, just as I posted this, CNN came through calling Missouri for McCain. Wolf calls it a “HUGE win, an absolutely HUGE win” for McCain.)

(Another update: Everyone is going to know the phrase “franks discussions” by tomorrow.  And no, it’s not the name of one of Mitt Romney’s advisers.)

Good night everyone. Thanks for joining us tonight and a HUGE thanks to Professor Hagen and all of our Temple University students who provided such great content for this blog tonight. Hopefully we’ll be hearing from them again… say… April 22nd?


One Response to “That’s it for me folks. California is in the books”

  1. Michael Hagen Says:

    Count us in!

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