So much for a clear winner


I am not all that surprised with how everything turned out tonight, but it didn’t give a clear cut winner for anyone. It’s a huge win tonight for McCain, obviously but Huckabee says he is still in for the count. It doesn’t exactly give him a clear shot, but he’s still in there till the end.

Obama v. Clinton, technically as of now Clinton has the more delegates, but definitely no clear winner. I was honestly expecting a big winner, and someone would drop out. More like hoping, I suppose.

The speech Obama made earlier was actually very sharply pointed at what only his campaign will do. The whole “yes we can” is great, but I still don’t see what’s so wonderful about his campaign versus any other campaign. I was actually hoping for a clear winner in the Democratic party tonight because it was rather clear McCain was going to be it (for me anyway). Essentially, after all this coverage… after all of these results, we find we are back at the very beginning. Both are on rather even footing, and now they just have to campaign harder as they go to the later primaries.  I was hoping to get less bickering in parties and more focusing on each party as a whole, but I don’t see that time coming anytime soon.

but then again… that’s politics.


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