Obama speaks


CNN preempts John McCain’s speech so that they wouldn’t miss any of Obama.

I’m there will be about a thousand Youtube clips of this speech by Obama about 5 minutes after he finishes.

We all know what Obama’s message is by now, right?  He wants you to step into the voting booth and think Obama=change because he knows that about 80% of Americans think that the nation is “off on the wrong track.”  So let’s review how many different synonyms he has for the choice between change and, for lack of a better term, not change.

These are the different ways he set up Obama vs. Clinton (without mentioning Senator Clinton by name):

Future vs. Past

Change vs. More of the same (that one isn’t even very subtle)

Looking forward or Looking back (why am I remembering Kang vs. Kodos: “I say, we must move forward, not backward, upward not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom.”)

Republicans united against us (as they presumably would be against Senator Clinton) vs a campaign that has united all Americans (as if the Republicans still wouldn’t unite against Senator Obama)

Experience in Washington vs Change Washington

Money from Washington lobbyists vs Money from you (assuming you’re not a lobbyist)

Voted for the war in Iraq vs. Didn’t vote for the war in Iraq (conveniently because the Illinois state legislature didn’t hold such a vote)

Gives Bush benefit of the doubt on Iran vs. Not giving Bush benefit of the doubt on Iran

Wavering on whether it’s ok to use torture vs. Never thinking it’s ok to use torture (only if Jack Bauer is doing it).

Then he takes on the Republicans.


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