What’s the appeal?


With so many people campaigning for Barack Obama, it makes you wonder what all the hype is. Why do all of the celebrities feel the need to endorse Obama? Is it his seemingly hopeful message of change? It really makes me wonder the number of Obama supporters who actually viewed his stances on issues.

Then again, it doesn’t mean that supporters of other candidates do either. And I don’t have a particular problem with Obama the person, but I think that a large majority of his supporters just find him charismatic. Fair enough. But as a President? Do you really feel he has enough experience? What about as a commander-in-chief? As a person who has only been a Senator… how much experience does he really have?

But how much experience do any of the candidates really have? I think that is my problem with the majority of the candidates. With the complaints concerning the last administration being that Bush was only a governor before becoming President, why do we not have more candidates with more experience? Just look at the current pool or even those who dropped out. A large majority of them do not have military experience, do not have national experience, or do not have experience leading a state/city. Why is it that after four years arguably only one candidate actually has experience and credentials. Guaranteed whoever comes into office will change something. As the President, no matter what, change will occur in some way, good or bad. … so, what’s the appeal with Obama? What is so hopeful of this promise with change if change is going to come no matter what.


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