What about Us?


Hopefully it’s acceptable, in my status as a blogger, to have a semi-question of sorts.

Sitting here watching the 10 o’clock news (on Fox Philly, of course) my roommate posed the question:

“So…when we vote in our primary in April…it won’t even matter, will it?”

Try as I could over the din of women chanting O-BA-MA! or Huckabee threatening the IRS (much to the cheering crowd’s ecstasy) I tried to explain the nuances of Big Tuesday and how states that come after it still have an impact, especially given this race in which a clear winner will not necessarily be decided this evening and tomorrow morning. However, she is probably not the only person with that question, and I was wondering if anyone could offer something more thorough. After all, will we all be sitting up late, two or three tvs on a at once, in April when Pennsylvania primaries are going on? Maybe, but not to this degree of tension, I would suspect. So, indeed, what about us? Is it going to be a contest for Democrats by that point because the Republicans (slated as more likely to have a decisive front runner before then) will already be decided?


2 Responses to “What about Us?”

  1. Dan Pohlig Says:

    Good question, Kate. You’re right in that it all depends on who “us” is. For Democrats, it will matter. Clinton may end up with more delegates by the end of the night, but not enough to seal it. If that’s the case, with the amount of money that Obama has and can throw at the remaining “big” states of Virginia, Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania all of those will be close as well.

    What I’m starting to wonder is what Huckabee’s strength in the conservative south means for McCain in the long run? Or to put that differently, if McCain wins despite Huckabee’s performance in the deep south – which the Republicans have used as a base from which to win close national elections in 2000 and 2008, what does it mean for the party in November?

  2. Kate Says:

    I definitely see Huckabee as a threat to McCain, as far as the Conservative South and conservatives in general. Despite McCain’s arrogant dismissal (him advising Huckabee to drop out last week), Huckabee is slowly proving to be someone not easily dismissed, which has the potential to foment into a credible threat.

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