Wait a sec. We’re still using exit polls?


I thought we (the media) gave up on that after the debacle of 2000. I just saw ABC News’s Charles Gibson project that Barack Obama is the winner of the Georgia primary based on exit polling. He didn’t have enough information to declare a winner on the Republican side. So I turned on 91 FM to see what NPR has to say about this development and, lo and behold, they have their own exit polling by which they are also declaring Obama the winner in Georgia.

As I’m flipping the channels, it’s become pretty clear that everyone is doing the same thing. If this holds true this night might not stretch on as late as I thought it would.

This raised my hackles a little (or whatever I have that is the anatomical equivalent of hackles). Shouldn’t we have done away with such dependence on exit polls after that little thing in Florida 7 and a half years ago? To their credit, the news I’m watching right now (CNN) isn’t rushing to call the Georgia Republican primary.

To their… what’s the opposite of credit?… detriment?… the only thing they’re talking about now is an analysis of who voted for Barack Obama (x% white voters, x% women… blah… blah). I guess that’s about what we can expect tonight.


2 Responses to “Wait a sec. We’re still using exit polls?”

  1. Max Power Says:

    How did you think they called South Carolina for Obama with 0 precincts reporting? Of course all news outlets are still using exit polling. It seems that they will now only make projections based entirely on them when the margin of victory seems like it will be large.

  2. Dan Pohlig Says:

    Hey, Max. Long time no talk. How Johan Santana coming to the National League East?

    Ok… back to political talk.

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