Too early to write off Romney


Even before California is called, I’m not sure I’d discount Romney entirely. Huckabee has done better than I expected tonight, and at this point that helps Romney (West Virginia aside). Romney could still win Colorado and Minnesota, and Huckabee could win Missouri and Tennessee. McCain is way ahead, but Romney, too, has done better than I expected tonight, and he may not be out of it. Anyone else?


2 Responses to “Too early to write off Romney”

  1. Dan Pohlig Says:

    CNN’s John King points to Huckabee’s strength in the southern part of Missouri, the “Bible belt” part of the state, as a reason that Huckabee will get strong consideration for the vice presidential nomination.

    The theory being that Missouri is SO important in the general election and that Republicans need a big turnout in the southern part of the state to balance out the heavily Democratic areas in the population centers around Kansas City and St. Louis. Without a solid conservative on the ticket, those conservative voters would probably stay home, sending Missouri over to the Democrats for sure.

  2. Michael Hagen Says:

    With his showing tonight, I’d say Huckabee is a VP alternative McCain would have to consider very seriously if McCain wins the nomination. It will be interesting to see Republican turnout figures in the states Huckabee has won.

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