Should we even try to talk about issues on a night like tonight?


Right now I have NPR on the radio, CNN on one television, MSNBC on another and ABC on a third. Through the cacophony I’m finding a certain sense of clarity. Tonight is not necessarily a night about issues. Tonight is about results. Talking about issues tonight is kind of like closing the barn door after the horse(race) got out. So let’s sit back and enjoy the fun. We can wake up tomorrow and discuss the relative merits of Clinton’s and Obama’s health care plans or McCain’s and Romney’s positions on taxation.

So if you are a New Jersey or Delaware voter (within our listening/viewing area) let us know how you voted and why. Feel free to use these comments.

If you’re a Pennsylvania voter, you still have a while (April 22nd) to make your decision. Heck, you can still pick up an absentee ballot for the Pennsylvania Primary. The Committee of Seventy has information about voter registration (deadline March 24th) and Absentee ballots. Your home county’s board of election must receive your application for an absentee ballot (which you can download by clicking here) by April 15th. But don’t wait that long because they need to get your completed absentee ballot by April 18th (if you’re a civilian).


One Response to “Should we even try to talk about issues on a night like tonight?”

  1. Michael Hagen Says:

    I’d like to add to your suggestions about Pennsylvanians registering to vote, Dan. It’s entirely possible that the Democratic race may still be competitive on April 22, in which case the Pennsylvania primary will be very important. Who knows: the Republican race may not be over by then either. If Pennsylvanians want to participate, they will need to be registered to vote by March 22.

    For a couple hours earlier this evening I responded to e-mails sent to WPVI, and a majority of those e-mails expressed complaints and confusion about who was eligible to vote in the New Jersey and Delaware primaries. One reason, I’m sure, is that many people who had not voted in a primary before wanted to vote in one in those states. It’s important to understand the rules, though. In Pennsylvania, only people registered as Democrats will be permitted to vote in the Democratic primary, and only people registered as Republicans will be permitted to vote in the Republican one. So if you want to participate, register soon. And if you’re registered as a member of one party but want to vote in the other party’s primary, RE-register soon.

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