New Jersey top vote waster


new-jersey.gifNew Jersey didn’t get the message.

Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and current record holder for using 9/11 more times in one speech than anyone else ever, bowed out of the race earlier this month, after Florida showed him about as much love as the state once showed sensible voting methods.

Still, as of 8:32 EST, 26 percent of Republican primary voters in the Garden State threw their support behind slick Rudy. Always trying to keep up with GOP tricks, 12 percent of primary voting Democrats in Joisey chose Jon Edwards, who also left the race two weeks ago. Voting results are still coming in.

No news yet on how many voted for former Senator Bobby “The Torch” Torricelli.

Missouri also had some Edwards fans, 15 percent of its Dems.


One Response to “New Jersey top vote waster”

  1. Robin Kolodny Says:

    According to your own source, it’s only 4% for Giuliani now. Be kind to your home state brethren…these Giuliani supporters wouldn’t be the first to register a protest vote with the field. Just wait until the general election.

    Keep up the good work Chris!

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