Lifting as we climb


Barack Obama has been building a lot of momentum across the country. This energy is being generated across generations, race, gender, class and even political affiliations, which is evident in Georgia’s primary results. Results also show that younger voters are more likely to cast a vote in Obama’s favor. Building on the motto “lifting as we climb,” if young voters are being captivated by Obama’s message of hope, progress and community building, is it possible that young voters can in turn influence and inspire consciousness and agency in the most at risk population in America—young black males?


One Response to “Lifting as we climb”

  1. Suny Student Says:

    I believe that it is possible for young voters to wake up not only the at risk population but, also others of this nation. I think it’s beautiful to see a race like this go down in the history books. Not only because of the fact that a black man, and a woman are running for president, but also for the fact that this race may increase the precentage of young voters all in all.

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