Let’s review the latest results


CNN.com has a good summary of the latest results.

Arkansas goes to Clinton on the Dem side and Huckabee on the GOP side.

Connecticut projected for McCain. Obama with a slim lead 50-48.

Delaware also a slim Obama lead 48 to 46. McCain wins it on the GOP side.

Georgia, as was reported very early on, went to Obama. Huckabee clinging to a slim lead over McCain.

Illinois goes to Obama and McCain on the Democratic and Republican sides, respectively.

Massachusetts projected for Romney and Clinton vaults out to an early lead over Obama with 12% reporting. (Actually, NPR just called Massachusetts for Clinton. So much for the Ted Kennedy factor.)

In Missouri, Clinton has a very early lead and Huckabee has a very slim early lead with 4% reporting.

Montana is going early for McCain with 14% reporting.

Across the river in New Jersey, Clinton has a very large lead with only 10% reporting while McCain is the projected winner.

In New York, Clinton is projected to win her “home” state (how many home states does she have?) Somehow, with 0% reporting, McCain has 86% of the vote… go figure.

Oklahoma projected for Clinton, a slim lead for McCain with early returns.

And finally, in that crazy West Virginia caucus, Mike Huckabee with the early win. Turns out Huckabee is actually doing better than the Broncos did in Super Bowl XXII.


One Response to “Let’s review the latest results”

  1. Michael Hagen Says:

    You’re right, Dan. That Massachusetts call is not good news for Obama, where the polls had tightened last week. A terrific site for pre-election poll data, by the way, is http://www.pollster.com.

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