It ain’t the ‘Bama you thought it was


Alabama is going for Barack, 56 percent so far with 89 percent of precincts reporting. Mike Huckabee is winning on the GOP side, but John McCain, certainly no Republican in Huckabee’s model, is just a few points trailing.

A black man and a socially moderate conservative fairing well in the deep South, urban Mid-Atlantic stereotypes pushed aside.


One Response to “It ain’t the ‘Bama you thought it was”

  1. Michael Hagen Says:

    No two ways about it: a victory by an African American in an Alabama primary is historic. But let’s not push that conclusion too far. According to the exit poll, more than 80 percent of black Democrats in Alabama voted for Obama, and more than 70 percent of Alabama’s white Democrats voted for Clinton. It’s not like there’s a new consensus among Alabama Democrats.

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