Google continues world domination, wins presidency


google.jpgWhat, you didn’t actually think Google was done adding applications to whatever the former search engine has become, did you?

Check out Google News, it is keeping a running tab on results coming in from today’s primaries across the country.

Taking an overall peak right now, Johnny “CFR” McCain is running the gamut, leading in eight of 13 states that have totals coming in. Mitt “Latter Day” Romney has the lead in just one – Massachusetts, his former stomping grounds – and Mike “You’ll call me, sir” Huckabee is leading in four, including his smack down in West Virginia.

For the Dems, it’s a dead heat between Hillary “Cold Stone” Clinton and Barack “Fitzgerald” Obama, six and six. Each went to town on the other in one state: Hillary went beserk in Arizona thus far, winning 73 to 20 percent, and Barack is up 71 to 27 percent in the bell weather of national politics: Alaska. All of these results are as of 8:55 p.m. and according to the most trusted name in politics, Google.


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