Go West! (and midwest)


So now we wait for California. With 2% reporting according to CNN, Clinton has taken an early lead. If she holds on to win, it won’t necessarily be devastating to Obama considering that she’ll get a number of delegates proportionate to her share of the vote, but it will mean that she’s taken California, New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey – some of the most populous contests at stake tonight.

Romney could win California outright but even if he doesn’t, California is one of the few states that award delegates in proportion to the number of votes won rather than winner-take-all.

Back in Missouri, on the GOP side, Huckabee absolutely clings to a 200+ vote lead with 87% of the votes counted. Unreal.

Update: That’s it.  I’m all in.  I’m sticking this out until California is called.  Heck, it may be pretty late by the time Missouri gets called for the GOP.  Who’s with me!?!


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