Clinton speaks


Senator Clinton takes the podium.  Here are the highlights:

“Tonight, in record numbers, you voted not just to make history but to remake America.”

Shout out to American Samoa!

“Tonight is your night.  Tonight is America’s night but it’s not over yet because the polls are still open in California.”

Plug for her website (I’d have plugged if I had a few million people watching me).

Other buzz words:

“Green collar jobs”

“Stem cell research”

“rebuild America from the bridges in Minnesota to the levies in New Orleans”

“We need someone who will be ready on Day One” – her new code for someone who is not Barack Obama.

Republicans = 8 more years of the same.

“I won’t let anyone swiftboat this country’s future.”

“I see an America where we don’t just provide health care for some people or most people but for every single man, woman and child.”

Now she’s showering down the thanks on campaign workers, volunteers, Bill, Chelsea, her friends and family, etc.

Congratulates Senator Obama on his victories (more states, fewer delegates).

Polls close in California… well, right about now.  Stay tuned for results


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