And the early results are in from the great state of West Virginia


Remember Super Bowl XXII when the Denver Broncos took an early 10-0 lead on the Washington Redskins? I have a feeling that Mike Huckabee is about to find out what the Broncos felt like when they saw their early lead get totally snowed under by 42 unanswered points by the Redskins. But at least in the early going, Huckabee has to be feeling good about his early win in the West Virginia caucus. Huckabee won in a squeaker over Mitt Romney with McCain coming in a distant third.

Let me ‘splain something about West Virginia, though. They’ve got kind of strange system down (and over) there. According to our handy dandy Election 2008 map over at, if you click on West Virginia (grade school geography is coming in might handy now, isn’t it?) you’ll learn that:

West Virginia Republican Convention delegates determine two-thirds (18) of the party’s 27 pledged national convention delegates on Feb. 5. The remaining 9 delegates will be determined by voters in the West Virginia primary on May 13.

I also learned on that page that West Virginia has the 4th lowest median household income in the U.S. at $38,029. There’s a lot of good Quizzo material on this map.

All of West Virginia’s Democratic delegates will be determined during the May 13th primary.

So soak it in, Mike Huckabee. And remember, for at least a few hours on Super Tuesday, you were winning.

Update: I neglected to mention the fun part of the West Virginia Republican Caucus. It seems that after the first round, Mitt Romney had a plurality but not the necessary majority to take the 18 delegates. Sensing that their guy wouldn’t win, the McCain people (teamed up with the Ron Paul people) threw their votes to Mike Huckabee so that they could make sure Romney wouldn’t win. Well played McCain/Paul folks. Well played.

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