An overwhelming proportion?


David Gergen, who I appreciate more for his role as a consultant for The West Wing than I do for the work he does on CNN, just bucked the general attitude of “no clear front runner on the Democratic side” by arguing that Senator Clinton has been quietly piling up the delegates tonight. She’s winning her states by wider margins than Obama is winning his and she may come away with more total states. She’s also outperforming some of the early exit polls that were leaked about an hour and half before the first polls closed.

In other news:

NPR just projected the Kansas caucuses for Obama

Finally… about a half hour after everyone else, CNN is calling Massachusetts and New Jersey for Clinton. What took so long?

Update: Romney finally got his second win of the night. CNN just projected Utah for Romney. No big surprise there. I think only Steve Young could have beaten Romney in Utah.


One Response to “An overwhelming proportion?”

  1. Michael Hagen Says:

    On the other hand, the current CNN estimate of Clinton’s delegate lead is 80–hardly overwhelming. And 6 states where the polls closed at 9 EST or earlier have not yet been called; Obama may not get 50 percent of the delegates in those states, but he’ll get something approaching that.

    I wondered about CNN’s late calls too. Maybe the folks there are feeling as overwhelmed as I am by all this information.

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