Welcome to WHYY’s Super Tuesday Blog!


Depending on whom you are listening to, the results of tomorrow’s primary contests in 22 states for the Democrats and 21 states for the Republicans (ok, ok… technically Massachusetts is not a state, but a commonwealth) could either give us our match ups for November, leave us just as unsure as we were last December or bring Democrats and Republicans together in peace and harmony and the almighty Coca Cola. One thing is for sure, a whole lotta those magical “delegates” will be doled out to one candidate or another.

But what does it all mean for you and me? What does it mean for folks who get up every day and go to work and then come home and figure out how they’re going to pay the bills, save for a house, take care of the elderly parents, save for their kids’ college educations? What does it mean for the young person who is approaching the end of his or college years and faced with the prospect of entering the so-called real world?

That’s what this blog seeks to do – at least on the local level, here in Philadelphia. We’ve invited a group of students and a professor of political science from Temple University to take time out of their busy lives and answer these and several other questions.  You can get to know a little about them by clicking here.

Tuesday evening, as the results come in, our guest bloggers will share their own perspectives on the race for president. It’s an open ended forum for them to discuss just about whatever they want.

And YOU can be a part of it too. Feel free to comment on any of the posts that you read. Every so often throughout the night, I’ll open up a thread on which you can comment and share your own thoughts. I’ll take the most insightful, thoughtful, humorous, poignant (and just about any other superlative I can think of) and make it into its own post – sharing it with everyone.

For continuing coverage of the results of the elections themselves, we are bringing you several options. Starting at 8pm on WHYY 91FM, we’ll be carrying NPR’s coverage of Super Tuesday and talking to our own reporters in New Jersey and Delaware where the polls will have just closed. From 8pm to 10pm, our content partners at Fox 29 will be hosting a live chat at myfoxphilly.com where YOU can chat with Fox’s Bruce Gordon, longtime political reporter. During their 10pm broadcast (extended coverage to at least 11:30pm, possibly later) on Channel 29, Gordon will be covering the results and sharing some of your thoughts from the blog and the live chat.

So the full court press coverage is on. The difference here is, you’ll be helping to shape the news, not just watching or listening to it.

So welcome and have fun with Super Tuesday!


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